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How To’s

Learn to make your own handmade fishing lures, baits, and tackle with these easy-to-follow instructional guides. Simply browse through the available topics below and select the tackle topic that best matches your project.


  • Soft Baits
  • Wire Baits
  • Hard Baits
  • Jigs & Bucktails
  • Other Tackle


The term “soft baits” applies to any flexible lure that is made primarily of a soft material such as plastic, rubber, or pliable organic compounds. Typically, the material is molded to immitate natural food and combined with coloring, flavoring and/or reflective agents. The finished product is usually rigged with a weighted line to provide diving capabilities and artifical motion. Typical rigging techniques include the Carolina rig, the Texas rig, the dropshot rig, and wacky.

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